Transforming data into real life experiences.

Qualification requirements for United mileage PLUS program are very complex. The idea behind this app was to show users of the Mileage Program all what they had done and achieved in a year within the program in a quick and interactive review that feels more of a journey than a report. My approach was focused on building a storytelling that connects their activities with their real-life achievements: how many dinners you have with friends, trips to visit family or gifts you bought to loved ones, vacations, dreams come true, miles that became life-changing experiences. My goal was to showcase those numbers as real situations that influence your life.

Elevating The Experience Beyond The Transaction

My focus was to design a visual tool that works both as a communication tool but also to connects to a personal level with our audience, showing how relevant and meaningful are those purchases, rewards, and status. Users also can understand and take advantage of all the possibilities in a personal way, plus also customizing relevant information,
allowing the airline to segment and target better experiences for members, partners, and future users.

Thinking Big: expanding communication,  growing business and accelerating the learning curve.

This type of loyalty programs are huge, convoluted, tricky and users/members normally get lost. The research showed how members were frustrated with such amount of information and could not connect with it. Understanding what possibilities and benefits they have is an important and implicit part of growing the business and keep members engaged through interaction with united products and partners, both in a digital and non-digital realm. It is a continuous process, regardless of their level of membership or expertise. It begins with the users’ initial interaction with the product and continues all the way through as most advanced functions and features are learned both inside the digital product, and literally, all along the members' journey.