Jazmin Chebar: More than a brand, a love relationship.

It is never just about the clothes. It’s about the lifestyle and connection that we share with our consumers. Is speaking woman to woman about clothes, objects of desire and personal passions. And clothes are not just accessories and pieces of beautiful fabrics. Its a language, intimate and complex, sophisticated and fun. Jazmin Chebar knows exactly how to talk to women, and more importantly, how to be present in real-time. is bringing the intimacy and expectation of the dressing room directly to the audience. Our clients spent countless hours connecting in with our brand, talking to us, sharing their feelings and desires. It is a relationship.

This digital ecosystem reflects all the DNA of the Argentine designer, with maximalist prints, unique and durable design pieces, the latest technology for fabric development, creating more resistant and better quality garments.

An experience beyond the stores

Each collection is created with a year in advance, transcending the stores, reaching consumers from Argentina, Chile, Spain, and USA. its new exclusive e-commerce platform for shipments destined for the United States, reinforcing its international presence.

Jazmin Chebar has 16 exclusive local stores located in cities of Buenos Aires, Mar del Plata, Córdoba, Mendoza, Neuquén and Rosario. At an international level, the firm has a store in Santiago de Chile, Lima, Montevideo, and Asunción. With this new exclusive digital store and e-commerce platform for shipments destined for the United States, growing its international presence.

Directed by Franco Dupuy. Produced by Nicolas Videtta & Guillermina Ocampo. Styling Aldana Simes/Dop Nicolas Croes